Burda coat 7285

Coat and Jacket / jeudi, janvier 23rd, 2014
I started sewing 2 years ago and I decided that my first clothe would be a coat. I really liked the outfit of the pattern and it was very different from those you can buy, so that is why I thought I had to make it. Moreover I found a great  blue wool fabric in the same store. Concerning the lining, I had a hard time finding the same blue color. Because I didn't know anything about sewing, it took me a long time to make this coat but because of the fabric price, I had to sew it anyway. Burda coat 7285,  model A, is a bulky coat with a stand-up collar and double-breasted. I sewed size 38 but it was to big for me and as I didn't have my mannequin yet, when I realized my mistake it was too late ! Coat pieces : Front x2 - Back x2 - Side 2x - Front facing 2x -Back facing 1x - Front hem facing 2x -Back hem facing 2x - Front sleeve piece 2x - Back sleeve piece 2x - Lower sleeve 2x - Sleeve facing 2x - Collar 2x - Pocket 2x Lining pieces : Front x2 - Back x2 - Side 2x - Lower sleeve 2x - Sleeve facing 2x - Collar 2x  - Pocket 2x


  • Fabric: Wool and polyester
  • Pattern: Burda 7285
  • Level of difficulty : Average (it took me so much time !!!)
  • What I liked : Detailed instructions with schemes. I would not say I have understood everything but enough to make this coat  🙂
  • What I didn’t like : Making the buttonhole in the collar, the bottom part of the coat which does not look like the photo and the sizing.

In a word

I have liking for this coat because it was my first attempt at sewing. It is not perfect, but I am quite convinced of the result even if I think that this kind of coat doesn't  really suit me.

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