Burda Kimono Dress at summer time


I am currently sewing a new version of this Burda kimono dress and I realized that I didn’t introduce the first one I made. Actually it is the first dress I have  sewed. Last  summer I wanted a casual dress for the hot summer days. I found an interesting free pattern dress on Burda fashion website. All […]

29 juin 2014

Burda Knotted keyhole top


Let me introduce you this knotted keyhole top I found on BurdaStyle (collection 02/2014) website. I have never bought complete Burda magazine.  Often much of the patterns is difficult to wear every day or models are too original and I do not see myself wearing this type of clothing .  Whatever I sometimes fall in love for one […]

6 avril 2014

Burda coat 7285

Coat and Jacket

I started sewing 2 years ago and I decided that my first clothe would be a coat. I really liked the outfit of the pattern and it was very different from those you can buy, so that is why I thought I had to make it. Moreover I found a great  blue wool fabric in […]

23 janvier 2014