Burda Kimono Dress at summer time

Dress / dimanche, juin 29th, 2014
I am currently sewing a new version of this Burda kimono dress and I realized that I didn't introduce the first one I made. Actually it is the first dress I have  sewed. Last  summer I wanted a casual dress for the hot summer days. I found an interesting free pattern dress on Burda fashion website. All you need to do to get the free patterns on this website is to create an account and so I did. The top part of the dress make its charm. I like this empire waist, the V neckline and the gathered chest . On the other hand, the big sleeves puzzled me, I didn't think it would fit my small height. The fabric I chose was not in the recommended fabric list . Contrary to the model, I made the belt and the collar with a different color to make it stand out.

Execution of the Burda kimono dress

modele  A Burda Kimono Dress

Instructions easy to follownote 4 sur 5

The execution of this dress is easy but takes time because there are many pieces. Despite of that, I almost understood everything! Each step is very detailed and has a diagram which is very helpful. The tricky part comes when making the bars! So I think next time I will use string instead... As you can see, there are many differences between my version and the original one. First I didn't make the sleeves : too much puffed out for me ! I gave a lot of thought about the sleeves thing until I finally discover that sewing front and back together already turns into little sleeves  ! So the sleeves problem was solved . Another alteration I made was about the dress closure. The instructions of the Burda kimono dress suggest to simply leave a slit on a side and close it with three buttons at the belt level... I put a zip in order to avoid a too big opening.

Costnote 5 sur 5

Because the dress fabric was cheap  (11,9 €/m for the blossom one and 7,70€/m for the white one) and the pattern is free, I can say that it cost me around 15 €, not that much expensive than if I had bought it in a store.

Wearabilityrate 4.5  out of 5

This dress is almost the perfect dress to me! I think this shape of dress is flattering and that is why I am currently sewing a new version of this pattern. I also have to admit that the V neckline is just madly deep! The only negative point is the fabric I used. I should have lined the skirt because it is really transparent... I have worn it several time so I didn't waste my time !

In a worldrate 4.5  out of 5

Burda Kimono dress was exactly the dress needed for summer. I recommend this pattern to everyone, even for the beginners : it is free, well explained and the result fits all morphologies.

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