Davie Dress is the girls’ best friend

Dress / mardi, juin 9th, 2015
I am back with a another knit fabric dress ! Since I have an overlock machine, I can say that knit fabric and I are almost became friends. "Almost " because it is still as boring to be cut. I started making the Sewaholic Davie dress during the workshop "I sew a knit fabric cloth", overseen by Christelle Beneytout.

Instructions easy to follow Rating  4,5 out of 5

I fell in love with the Davie dress when it was presented on the Thread and Needles website, in this article. I immediatly bought the printable version in french and I stored it. I also had a blue knit fabric which was waiting for the right pattern. So the workshop was the opportunity! I decided to sew the shorten version with sleeves. Once the paper pieces glued and cut, I realized that I would not have enough blue knit fabric ... I first thought of a striped knit fabric remaining from an former dress. But the navy coloured fabric didn't match with the other... So I have decided to look for another contrasting fabric and I found some interesting polyamide with patterns Robe Davie - Global 2

Pattern alterations

I had read about Vanessa's blog who also sewed the Davie dress, she doubted that the stitching were required ...well I can confirm they were eventually not  (yes, I was a little lazy). I just opened the seams for the two front pieces that form the drop and stitched so that they remain opened. At first sight, I was not convinced with the dress' fit ( too heavy tissue perhaps?) I almost removed 3 cm from the shoulders otherwise I could put my head through the armholes. Even once I had done that, armholes were still too wide, so I also removed a little fabric below. I obviously shortened the dress (as usual) and bonus : I dug the  back of the dress ; the result was adjusted but then small folds formed  -_-  And while looking closer, it always seems to be longer on the back than on the front... Robe Davie - Col

Cost rating 4 out of  5

The print-at-home PDF sewing pattern costed $13.98. Regarding the knit fabric, each one costed 6,90€/m. So the whole dress costed me around 30€. Robe Davie dépliée

Wardrobe note 5 sur 5

One-coloured jersey that I had chosen was perhaps not ideal for Davie dress because it is very fluid and a bit heavy ... but it is so comfortable, some sellers promised that it is as comfortable as a shirt, I confirm ! And for once we can have a comfortable dress that looks like something feminine ( and with which you can enjoy a good dinner at restaurant ^^ ) Robe Davie - Dos

In a word rate  4,5 out of 5

Davie dress is great if you want to improve your skills with your surjetteuse. I will probably sew another one, just to check if I had problems because of the fabrics I chose ...

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