The Datura likeness blouse

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Summer is comming and Datura burgeon at high speed on the web! I would not introduce such a famous pattern from Deer and Doe . But then, before you make a compulsive purchase (again) , I watched many versions of this blouse and asked myself  what I really like about the Datura : Mainly the color blocking and the buttonhole on the backside. Once these elements identified, I searched for a pattern to include it among those I already have. I choose the Peter Pan collar version,  which at first sight,  seemed to be easy. While trying to find a pattern, I focused on two points : a model with chest darts and a model that requires non-stretch fabric.  Well the triangle shirt from Ottobre Design magazine, which I really appreciate, meets these criteria.

Execution of the Datura likeness blouse

Here are the changes I made with the triangle shirt to get a kind of Datura blouse : sch-datura-ottobre

Instructions easy to follow rating-3

I have already made this triangle shirt twice before but the alterations I did were not very simple : I removed the tringle shape piece and I enlarged  the collar. I drew an horizontal line on the front which extends to the back to get the 2 colored blocks. Regaring the new collar, I improvised a Peter Pan collar which gave me a hardest time that I thought. Finally I added a buttonhole in the lower back. For the back of the collar , I used  a bias of the same color. Because there were many alterations, I made a draft version of this new triangle shirt. I have no regret because my first attempt had many problems : unclosable buttonhole and the colorblock separation of both front and back didn't match... I didn't waste my time. !

Cost rating-3-5

The cream colored fabric is reasonable (9,90€/m). The fabric from Anna Ka Bazar is more expensive  (15,95€/m) but the quality is very good. I also needed 3 buttons 30 ct euros each. This blouse costs me around 20 euros.

Comfort note 4 sur 5

My Datura remains low fitted  despite my adjustments. It is quite comfortable.

Looks like the photo on the pattern envelope note 4 sur 5

It is hard to say but I really discover my blouse through these pictures (no big mirror at home !). I am pleased with the global aspect even if some defaults remain like this fold on the low back. Regarding the similarity with an original Datura blouse, I think my version pays a tribute to it. Blouse Datura Ottobre - Detail back

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