Chic basic black jersey & lace

Top / Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Chic Basic There is a long time since I was eyeing on this kind of clothing and finding none for my taste, I decided to make my own version! It starts with this top but I finally took the plunge when I saw this pattern model from Burda. This answered the question of how integer lace to my jersey top. I adapted model n°1 from the last Ottobre magazine and this is how I get chic basic top!  Here are my modifications:

–          Add a lace piece on the front piece under the shoulder.

–          Cut a teardrop on the back at the neck (also what I was looking for)

–          Add black bias satin  to the collar and to the teardrop

–          Lengthen the sleeves with lace strap

–          Remove the front pocket

Once more sewing jersey is not what I do best, especially for finishing but patterns using jersey are often easy (not too much pieces, unless you willing add some X) )

Finally I like the rendering although it deserved to be adjusted (maybe it comes from the model?)

In any case this little top combines lots of little details (lace, teardrop on the back) that make it will surely become one of my favorite winter top 🙂

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